June 4, 2014 Ryan Boettcher

Awaiting Pentecost, Prayer Week

Day Five, Thursday, 6/5For our discernment as a community on how better to integrate our children into the rhythms of discipleship, service, and mission that we are developing as a church family.
– That we would become aware of our children’s needs for formation and own those as a community regardless of whose home they live in.
– That we would be inspired to include the children around us in our attention, prayers, and missional actions.
– That we would learn to see working with our children as a privilege and as deeply spiritually formational for us, not as a chore, for someone else to handle, or as only playtime.
– For God to strengthen those in leadership of this area, that new vision and implementation strategies would be discerned that will take discipleship of our children to its next stage of growth.
*And don’t forget!  For Saturday-Sunday’s 24 hours of prayer, please sign up for a couple chunks of time here: http://www.24-7prayer.com/signup/e1af17. Our goal is to have all 24 hours covered by more than just one person. This is an exciting time for our church family to hear from God and walk forward into the new life of Pentecost!