The Anglican Spiritual Tradition has yearly, weekly, and daily rhythms that form us according to the pattern of Christ’s life. Our daily rhythm is framed by the two prayer offices of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer. The Offices teach us to begin and end each day with gratitude, praise, and prayer; form our own prayers by giving us words and frameworks to make our own (and leading us to pray for things we might otherwise overlook); and expose us to the majority of Scripture over the course of a year.

There are a variety of resources to aid you in developing these rhythms in your own life.  Here are a few:

Online Daily Office Readings   BCP Daily Readings
Online Morning/Evening Prayer   Mission St. Clare
Online Book of Common Prayer   Online BCP
iOS/Android App for Daily Office Readings   Daily Office Readings App
iOS/Android App for Morning/Evening Prayer   Mission St. Clare
1979 Book of Common Prayer (print edition)   Book of Common Prayer – print